GivBux is creating a sharing economic community of brands and consumers in which consumers have an easier and more convenient way to shop and buy, merchants have a more efficient and profitable way to advertise, and charities receive built-in contributions from the community’s transactions.


According to marketresearchfuture.com, the global mobile wallet market is expected to grow at a compounded annual growth rate of 40% and is estimated to reach market size of US $5B by the end of 2022. The driving factors behind this are (1) the increasing number and speed of daily economic transactions, (2) the desire for convenience and (3) growing security issues, all of which are expected to continue to increase into the foreseeable future.

GivBux is capitalizing on this trend by introducing the GivBux Purchasing App, which takes the concept of mobile wallet to another level by adding advanced user-friendly functions that make it easy and fun to use and actually pays users for every transaction that occurs on the platform. We intend to become the purchasing app of choice for millions of people worldwide.

Whereas countries and territories like China, Hong Kong and a few others have acquired massive adoption of mobile payments via apps like WeChat and Alipay, the USA has been slow to adapt.

The GivBux Purchasing App has been designed to store, send, receive and request funds, send digital gifts, donate to nonprofits, and make real-time purchases at top retail brands, restaurants and other venues, all with a few simple clicks. The GivBux is faster, more user-friendly and more convenient to use than any product of its kind in the marketplace.



GivBux has also created powerful incentives and rewards for both businesses and consumers to use our app on a daily basis. Businesses benefit because they are empowered with a data-rich marketing tool to reach and retain consumers (their mobile phones), as well as gaining access to GivBux’s large and growing database of new potential customers. Members benefit because they receive cash back on their purchases from hundreds of merchants at thousands of locations, plus further incentives for referring new customers to the community. Nonprofits receive a share of every purchase made through the entire system – a potentially huge number of micro-transactions that can add up to large sums over time.

In addition, GivBux allows the recipient to use their funds instantly upon receipt to either send on to others or to make purchases at hundreds of GivBux merchants in thousands of locations. Other mobile wallets such as PayPal, Venmo, Cashapp, and others require the user to connect their apps to their debit/credit card or bank account and sometimes wait for up to two full days before getting access to their funds.

Perhaps the most important of all is that our GivBux free affiliate program rewards users not only every time they themselves make a purchase, but also every time their friends, friends of friends and even strangers that they have referred make purchases with the GivBux mobile wallet. These are cash rewards that can be stored in the app, sent to others, or used to make purchases at participating retail stores, restaurants, cinemas, entertainment venues and more.



GivBux allows users to contribute to a nonprofit or worthy cause of their choice. These nonprofits include a wide range of worldwide charities (Safe Passage, Pure Light Foundation, Denver Ballet, Fans Of America Foundation, Making It Count, INC, Artist For Change, INC and more). To encourage giving and recommendations, a trending “Top 10 List” of all charities receiving GivBux contributions are displayed in the mobile wallet based on the ongoing contributions created by GivBux purchasers.

Future versions of the app will allow users to nominate, recommend and donate a percentage of their GivBux rewards to local charities, fundraisers, school booster clubs, and other organizations. All donations are automatically deducted from each user’s account and sent to the respective organizations at periodic intervals.