Investment Opportunities

Robert Thompson

(President, Director)

Robert (Bob) Thompson is a seasoned corporate executive with a distinguished background in all facets of business management, including extensive experience in operating and managing publicly traded companies and negotiating acquisitions, mergers and joint ventures.

Mr. Thompson spent 15 years as a nuclear design engineer developing and building Gamma Ray Scintillation detectors, working alongside multiple universities including Stanford University and major corporations including JPL (Jet Propulsion Laboratory), Chevron, Unocal, Texaco and others. He then founded his own environmental and nuclear sales and marketing company, CalBay Controls, which he guided to $20 million in sales and took public under trading symbol CBYI. Mr. Thompson sold his control block of CalBay Controls in 2012 to become president of Resource Ventures, Inc. (REVI), another public company that under his direction grew to $50 million in sales. In 2018 became Director and CTO for Optec, Inc., CTO for Optec, Inc., a division of Automotive Products, Inc., where he was instrumental in developing and marketing the Optec Fuel Maximize Technology, a hydrogen device for reducing carbon emissions for gasoline and diesel combustion engines, for which he has filed for both domestic and international patents.

Mr. Thompson has been an integral part of GivBux since the beginning and has served as an invaluable resource during the foundation of the company. His intimate knowledge of the GivBux philosophy and purpose, combined with his many years of experience in corporate development and managing public companies, make him the ideal choice to lead GivBux Global Partners, Inc. now and for the foreseeable future.

Saul Escudero

(VP, Givbux Charities)

Saul Escudero has worked a lifetime to create connections within the entertainment industry that are second to none. Dedicated to providing the direction and leadership necessary to help a business succeed, he has long served as a resource center to the sports entertainment and motion picture industry. Saul possesses skills that can easily put any project in the view of the appropriate key players in multiple markets.
Saul is also a skilled auctioneer and is very comfortable being in the spotlight. One of his strengths is his natural ability to engage with customers, colleagues and associates. As a highly sought after consultant, Saul has enjoyed success working with a wide range of organizations including Rotary International, Kiwanis International, Boy Scouts of America, American Red Cross, Tiger Woods Foundation, Pete Sampras Foundation, Mark Rypien Children’s Cancer Foundation, California Sports Hall of Fame, USTA Charities, and The National Football League.
As VP of GivBux Charities, Saul oversees all matters related to nonprofits and philanthropic causes, and is our primary liaison with our highest profile charitable organizations.

Gert Goossens

(International Development)

Gert Goossens is a successful serial entrepreneur who has built several successful brands. He has extensive experience in both national and worldwide distribution systems, and is widely recognized as a sales and marketing expert who specializes in building and increasing bottom line profit margins. Over the years Gert has garnered a knowledge of international markets and cultivated a wide array of International business relationships that have aided him in becoming a successful and very resourceful business owner. Gert has been an Apple partner for more than two decades, and his network within the Apple organization helped him take his own and several other companies to significantly higher levels of growth. He has been involved with GivBux from an early stage and has been instrumental in the development and testing of the GivBux Purchasing App on both IOS and Android platforms. His current focus is to continue to help develop and enhance the GivBux App for the U.S. platform, after which he plans to relocate back to Europe to become the company’s Director of European Operations. Gert was born and raised in the Netherlands, where he served for 6 years as a Royal Dutch Marine and traveled all over the world before emigrating to the U.S. He now lives in Colorado, where he is actively involved in local charities and churches and was one of the first adopters of GivBux.

Dean Hamel

(VP Business Development, USA)

Dean Hamel joined the team after more than 35 years of business and management experience, including CEO/Principal of Global Product Services, LLC, with responsibilities ranging from operations, to sales and marketing, to the technical execution of safety, environmental, sustainability and analytical testing. Prior to starting the Global Product Services consulting company in 2010, Dean held a variety of positions within Ciba-Geigy Chemical Corporation, Ciba Specialty Chemicals, Novartis Pharmaceuticals, BASF and Intertek USA.
Dean has also co-authored several papers in the field of consulting and knowledge-based services as well as technical papers and is considered to be a subject matter expert in EHS Management Systems, Process Safety, Process Development, and several other disciplines.

Here at Givbux, Dean is responsible for a wide range of operations, including the onboarding of small businesses, managing the company’s payment program, assisting in the operation of the Company’s training and certification center, and the implementation of general Business Development and Sales initiatives.

Rick Aguiluz

(Sales & Marketing, USA)

Rick Aguiluz has over 30 years’ experience in direct sales, international sales, marketing and management. He has been Director of Sales, Director of International Sales and CEO for three different publicly traded companies, and has built sales organizations of more than 75,000 distributors in North America and more than 25,000 distributors in Asia. Along the way, he has also consulted with numerous Direct Sales start-up companies. Rick is also an internationally renowned motivational speaker and sales trainer who has traveled to 42 countries and trained tens of thousands of sales professionals worldwide. He has an Electronics & Communications Engineering (BSECE) degree from the University of Santo Tomas, and has completed numerous special studies, including Managers Course at the University of the Philippines; Professional Managers Program at the Ateneo Graduate School of Business; Entrepreneur Programs at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles; Professional Network Marketing Program at University of Illinois, Chicago; and Export Marketing Strategies at the Wharton School, Pennsylvania. Rick is Charter President of the Filipino American Chamber of Commerce of Metro LA & OC, and a member of the Rotary Club Newport Irvine, Filipino American Chamber of Commerce of Orange County and Asian American Chamber of Commerce.

Neal King

(Advisory Board)

Neal King brings a wide range of experience to the GivBux Advisory Board. Neal founded ProTel International Inc. in 1994, where he provided certified training to personnel on how to become fiber optic technicians, for splicing, terminating and testing fiber optic cable. He simultaneously formed ProTel International Association, a non-profit organization for acquiring contracts and lobbying at the state level to keep officials up to date on the latest knowledge in the world of fiber optics. It was there that Neal acquired a solid knowledge of starting and setting up publicly traded companies, working closely with attorneys, and the art of marketing and selling public shares.

Neal also has extensive experience as a land developer, builder and general contractor in the state of Washington, and formerly in the state of Alaska. His many years of experience in the construction arena gives him a broad view of business management, planning, organizing and directing projects, as well as working with city and county administrators.

Neal is a veteran of the US Navy and has acquired two airplanes in the last few years, which he has rebuilt and uses to take friends, family and business associates flying as often as possible. Neal is also a philanthropist in the areas of disaster relief and working with his greatest passion, counseling youth in local cities to help young people get a positive start in life.

Umesh Tim Singh, AAT, CMA, CPA

(Advisory Board)

Umesh Tim Singh is a Certified Professional Accountant with more than 25 years of experience in Accounting and Finance. After spending two years at Price Waterhouse Cooper, he went on to Hayes Stuart Little & Company (now Grant Thornton), where he was Senior Accountant-Manager for two years before spending 10 more years as a Partner.

Umesh is fluent and expert in virtually all aspects of corporate accounting, including budget and cash flow forecast, income tax, oversight on audits for both large private companies and nonprofits, mergers and acquisitions, buy-sell agreements, arbitration of settlement disputes, and preparation of financial statements. Here at Givbux, Umesh is also appreciated for his strong analytical skills, his expertise in customer & inter-company relations, his talent for complex problem solving, and his excellent organizational and communication skills.

Umesh is a valuable member of the Givbux Advisory Board in a wide range of areas, including providing the company with leadership and expert advice on corporate accounting and financial matters.

Wil Master

(Advisory Board)

Wil Master is a Finance Professional, Social Entrepreneur and Philanthropist and has been for over 30 years. From a Wall Street Banker to Film Financier to Professional Fundraiser, he has raised and conscientiously facilitated nearly $100 Million for numerous clients.

He has also Executive Produced, Produced and/or Syndicated 100s of Films & TV shows to a relationships base in virtually every territory worldwide, as well as helped develop several entertainment companies as a Hollywood Distribution Executive for over 15 years.

On a personal level, Wil Master began his Humanitarian journey in the wake of the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center on September 11th in NYC. Only 5 days prior, he was hired to run a Film & TV Media Company from those very same Twin Towers, and consequently, as that dream quickly crumbled, Wil’s passion for humanity heightened, and he would become one of only a few civilians selected to participate in the Honor Guard Ceremony for helping the NYPD, PAPD and FDNY locate and carry out fallen colleagues from Ground Zero.

From there, Wil has received numerous American Red Cross Certificates of Appreciation as a First Responder to some of the largest natural disasters in history: Hurricanes Katrina (2005), Sandy (2012), Harvey (2017), Dorian (2019) and multiple CA Wildfires.

He currently resides in Beverly Hills, CA where he is a local award-winning event producer, fundraiser and civic leader – co-Founder and co-Chair of the Mayor’s Next Generation Leaders Committee – NEXT BEVERLY HILLS and is the Community Ambassador in Beverly Hills for the American Red Cross.