Slide Now, more than ever, people are looking to feel connected to one another. GivBux is the first mobile wallet Super App to help you stay connected to the world around you with simple mobile payments and automatic contributions to your favorite charity. And, you’ll earn rewards while you use the app. Giving Back Is
Easy With GivBux.
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The GivBux Super App Makes Shopping & Giving Fun and Easy!

Step into a more connected future the GivBux Super App., We’re creating an economic sharing community by bringing beloved merchants and brands together in one place. This means more savings for customers, more sales for business owners, and more contributions to charitable causes.
Share The Wealth & Give Back

It Pays to Give

GivBux is more than just an App. It’s a movement to encourage empathy, kindness, and compassion to make our world a better place. The GivBux Super App allows you to contribute to a nonprofit or a worthy cause of your choice. While using the App, you can automatically contribute a chosen percentage of each of your purchases to your favorite charity.
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GivBux makes it simple to send and receive mobile payments and send gifts from over 100,000 merchant locations including stores, restaurants, and entertainment venues.
Plus, you’ll earn rewards while using the GivBux Super App. We’re on our way to becoming the most popular digital wallet app and the largest giving community in North America. Whether you’re a customer, merchant, or charity – we look forward to having you to join us.
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Use the App to store, send or receive eGifts to or from anywhere in the world instantly. Earn GivBux cash-back rewards when you shop.
Support The Charities That Move You
Finally, a socially responsible App that you will enjoy using. Automatically contribute a chosen percentage of each of your purchases to your favorite charity.
Enjoy Hassle-Free Gifting
Connect with your loved ones anytime, anywhere by sending eGifts with a few simple clicks. Your recipient has the freedom to choose from thousands of stores, restaurants, and entertainment venues on the platform.
Easily Send And Receive Funds
Turn your mobile phone into a mobile wallet. Send and receive funds from anywhere in the world instantly.
Get Rewarded For Using The App
Earn rewards while you use the App. Invite your friends and family to download and use the Super App and you’ll earn rewards on their GivBux purchases.

Pay for your Uber rides with GivBux!

We Partner With Some of the Largest Corporations In America
Our partnership with Uber is one more way that GivBux is making a positive impact by helping customers and businesses. Learn more about the businesses we work with that you’re already buying from.
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